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Rooftop bar in the heart of the Eternal City 5
Rooftop bar in the heart of the Eternal City 6
Rooftop bar in the heart of the Eternal City 7
Rooftop bar in the heart of the Eternal City 8
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Rooftop bar in the heart of the Eternal City

Breathe the authentic atmosphere of Rome

Welcome to Terrazza Navona, a place that celebrates beauty and flavor. From our rooftop, you can enjoy a privileged 360° panoramic view of the eternal city that never ceases to amaze and astound you with the most beautiful monuments and the most famous domes. Alternating with the classic Roman roofs, it offers a surprising panorama, even more so during sunset, where everything is tinged with a delicate pastel pink, giving off atmospheres of rare beauty.

Our concept elaborates on the flavors of the territory in our dishes, following the rhythm of the seasons. This allows us to guarantee the freshness of the raw materials, which, combined with the Roman culinary tradition, offer a unique and authentic gastronomic experience. From spring to winter, our menu evolves to reflect the best products of the season, offering guests a journey through the flavors and aromas that characterize each period of the year.

The reinterpretation of Romanity is the common thread that links each dish. Traditional recipes are reinterpreted with creativity and mastery by our Chef Floriana Scotto, keeping their essence intact and at the same time, offering an unexpected variety of taste and presentation. The selection offers both classic traditional recipes made exclusively with fresh pasta, such as Tonnarelli alla Carbonara with IGP guanciale from the typical area of Amatrice or the more iconic Rigatone all'Amatriciana, to which our chef adds the best Datterini tomatoes that give an unexpected note of freshness to the palate.

Chef Floriana's real flagship is the Crunchy Grigia, here the crispy guanciale that pays homage to the most beautiful Roman flower: the artichoke. Its fried Jewish-style leaves are combined with the soft textures of the artichoke heart and pecorino romano DOP, combining both Roman traditions. Following the Jewish traditions, our Chef Floriana also conceals the tasty cow's ricotta cheese from the Agro Pontino area, under a creamy sour cherry coulis, recreating an original reinterpretation of the oldest pastry shop in the Roman ghetto.

Her Majesty the Tiramisu is a must in every self-respecting Roman kitchen, and in this case, too, our Chef has reinvented an Éclair filled with Tiramisu cream, garnished with a coffee crunch. In the evening, and especially at sunset, the Terrazza Navona becomes the perfect place for an exclusive aperitif, where the taste of handcrafted cocktails blends with the refinement of the authentic flavors of the Roman gastronomic tradition. "Tramonto al Sapore di Negroni" is our exclusive cocktail, focused on the king of Italian mixology, the Negroni. In addition to the classic version, we offer a selection of innovative variations and modern reinterpretations of this iconic drink, all made with high-quality ingredients skillfully prepared by our bartenders.

In addition to our signature drinks, another one that should not be missed is the “Desìo” Cocktail, a personalized creation that pays homage to the brand of the Boutique Hotels collection of which Terrazza Navona is a part. From Milan to Rome, this cocktail uses raw materials that tell the story of Italy, such as laurel, saffron, and anise, covering the distances that link the two cities, in a mystical celebration of the territory from which the Sambuca, Strega, Vermouth and Gin come from.

After the perfect cocktail, the taste comes into play. The round, soft, and delicious taste of the Maritozzo, well, that little bread that in the morning is recognized for its generous filling of cream, is dressed up in the evening here at Terrazza Navona, but in an unprecedented version that brings Rome directly filled to the plate. With different types of filling, tasty and delicate creamed cod, lively and fresh eggplant parmesan, and picchiapò with a decisive and savory personality, they all excel in giving a true work of art of taste.

There are many reasons to choose this location as the place to be in Rome, for private events, to enjoy the company of friends and family, or for a romantic sunset, at Terrazza Navona the art of living well is celebrated, where time seems to stand still and every sip is a journey into the flavors of Italian tradition. An unforgettable experience, a magical place that embodies the eternal spirit of the Eternal City.

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