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Cooking Class at the Enchanting Palazzo Navona Hotel 2
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Antico Albergo del Sole al Pantheon - Roma
Palazzo Navona - Roma
Palazzo Cornalia - Milano
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Cooking Class at the Enchanting Palazzo Navona Hotel

Roman Flavor: Pasta, Love, and Creativity with Chef Floriana

The Eternal City is a treasure full of wonders, and gastronomy holds a place of honor. During your stay in Rome, enhance your experience with a traditional pasta-making class at Palazzo Navona, followed by a delightful dinner paired with a selection of wines.


Learn the art of crafting traditional pasta dishes with our Chef Floriana, a true Roman who has cultivated her culinary passion by inheriting the secrets of traditional pasta production passed down by her grandmother.


You will make ravioli and tortelloni, participating in your Roman dinner. The 4-course menu will feature an entree, two first courses prepared by you, and the unmissable tiramisu made by Chef Floriana.


Languages available: Italian, English and French


What’s included:
Pasta session - two hours
4-course dinner with entrée, your ravioli and tortelloni, and tiramisu for dessert
Selection of wines

To book your session and receive further information, please contact us at or fill in the form below.

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