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Palazzo Cornalia and the Pop Art in Milan 4
Palazzo Cornalia and the Pop Art in Milan 5
Palazzo Cornalia and the Pop Art in Milan 6
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Palazzo Cornalia and the Pop Art in Milan

An Hotel that is also an Art Gallery

Find yourself immersed in a Pop Art World thanks to the amazing artworks of the renowed Italian artist Bisha. An original critique of the contemporary society inspired by artistic icons, like Andy Warhol a Keith Haring a Jean-Michel Basquiat, that will accompain you from the first step to your room.

What the Artist says about Palazzo Cornalia’s artworks:

"New York, capital of the empire of images and pop mythology, the encounter between the past and the present come together in a place without history but where everything happens. New York is the center of pop culture. In this work the Gods represented by my heroes are Andy Warhol, Iggy Pop and David Bowie, the place is a fusion of Time Square and the school of Athens "

"It is my votive painting to the martyr of pop art. Andy is naked and wounded, the arrows not driven in but applied symbolize my love and a request for plenary absolution for future works"

"It is the Renaissance-style portrait of one of the sexiest, most vulnerable and talented icons of all time. Made with a mix of techniques, mostly graphics, it depicts Marilyn, an undisputed myth of contemporary generations, in the guise of a pagan goddess"

"Chromatic variation created to erase the horrors of war and transform the setting into a reinterpretable scenario"

"By observing it you can see that the mask is semi transparent. The meaning I wanted to give is that what we see may not correspond to reality, so we must remain true and not give a wrong idea of us"

"Randomness or chaos creates the artist, his fame, his encounters and all destiny, which will define him as such forever. New York imprinted with a plate on Basquiat's face wants to merge the artist and the place into a single essence, an indissoluble, fortuitous and definitive mix "

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